About US

Nepalese Association of Financial Journalists (NAFIJ) is a leading professional organization active since September 2009 to ensure professional rights and welfare of the financial journalists in Nepal. With the theme of youth initiation in dynamic change, NAFIJ is proactively inspiring the schemas of precision journalism in Nepal. The Journalism based on data, facts, and figures with the ground of conviction and indomitable confidence should be the key for socio-economic transformation. With this bottom-line, we are continuously carrying on the journey of development and economic journalism in each region of Nepal.

The association is formed as per the Institution Registration Act 2034 and working under the surveillance of the Social Welfare Council in Nepal.

We have Twenty financial journalists as the members of valley committee and leading journalists in the Central Working Committee comprising all of the media range i.e Print, Broadcast and Online.


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Our vision is discovering a new Asian perspective on socio-economic transformation fortifying the social justice, equitable development and fortes of the emerging economies.


Research to reveal truth
Corporate good governance
Equitable development
Clean business discipline
Fair corporate environment