President's Message

Media in Nepal has witnessed an exponential growth in recent years. Expansion of business activities and internet services and increased access of people to the new media has also propelled the development of business media and journalism. Currently, Nepal has two broadsheet business dailies, two business television channels, about a dozen large and small business magazines in English and Nepali languages, a couple of weeklies published from the Kathmandu Valley and other districts, and about one and a half dozens of economic news portals. At the same time, almost all broadsheet dailies, radio stations and TV channels have special space and segment for business and financial news while broadcast media also have talk shows focused on economic issues as well. Hundreds of journalists are involved in these media as an entrepreneurs, editors and working journalists.

Nepalese Association of Financial Journalists (NAFIJ) is a representative organization of all business and financial journalists in Nepal. But it is currently more centred in the Kathmandu Valley and aims to expand its base to other economic centres across the country as well. More than 200 economic journalists are the members of NAFIJ while many other are indirectly connected and working with us.

NAFIJ was established 13 years ago with the aim to strengthen the capability of financial journalists, work for their welfare and create a pool of stakeholders that can support in the growth and development of financial journalism and journalists in Nepal. Since journalism is more than writing news stories and also involves writing reviews, columns, features and investigative pieces, programmes for capacity building and skill enhancement should be organized frequently and regularly. Journalists well-equipped with the recent knowledge, techniques and skills can not only help in their career growth but also contribute to creating doing business environment and economic growth of the country.

Hence, NAFIJ is tirelessly working to increase the capability of its members and other financial journalists including the new comers in the field. It has long been collaborating with the government, line ministries, non-government organizations and private sector associations. By doing so, a win-win situation is created which has been contributing to the business and economic growth. However, in the news-writing process, journalists should not lose their honesty, integrity, fairness and independence. They must work to protect press freedom and right to information. NAFIJ promotes watchdog role media and motivates its members for fair and independent journalism.

We are open to build collaborations with concerned stakeholders who are interested in promoting the same principles.

Thank you!

Modnath Dhakal

Modnath Dhakal


The Rising Nepal Daily
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