Nepalese Association of Financial Journalists (NAFIJ) is a leading professional organisation active since September 2009 to ensure professional rights and welfare of the financial journalists in Nepal. With the theme of youth initiation in dynamic change, NAFIJ is proactively inspiring the schemas of precision journalism in Nepal. We aim to improve the business and economic journalism scenario in the country and, at the same time, wish to improve the business and investment climate in the country to support in the development and economic growth.

The Journalism based on data, facts and figures with the ground of conviction and indomitable confidence should be the key for socioeconomic transformation. With this bottom-line, we are continuously carrying on the journey of development and economic journalism in each region of Nepal.

The association is formed as per the Institution Registration Act 2034 and working under the surveillance of Social Welfare Council in Nepal. We have nineteen leading financial journalists as the members of Central Working Committee comprising all the media range i.e., Print, Broadcast and Online. This organization has altogether 197 member journalists in Kathmandu valley.

Objectives of NAFIJ

To advance development and economic journalism in the real sense scrutinizing facts, figures and databases under the guidelines of established notions of press freedom, social responsibility and the right to information. To enterprise precision journalism of the twenty first century blended with the state-of-the-art technologies. To prop investigative journalism to enhance transparency, corporate good governance and positive changes in the living standards of the people. To endeavour in shifting the paradigm of unethical development and empower the grass root people with the boons of economic changes. To be a pioneer of the proactive financial journalism being the watchdog of socioeconomic phenomenon rather than the lapdog of Political-Corporate mechanism.